Blog Post #1



             Hello, my name is Eston Hemings and i’ll be writing on behalf of my mother, Sally, as she is unable to read and write. We Live here in Monticello with my grandmother Betty (until her death), my sister Thenia, my brothers Beverly, Madison, Harriet II, my aunt Mary and of course, Mr. and Mrs Jefferson. My family has been serving Mr. Jefferson, and before him Mr. Wayles since my mother was born. Mr. Wayles youngest daughter Martha married Mr. jefferson and has been very good to us. My mother and my grandmother were raised to be house servants like myself and my siblings, and Mr. Jefferson has been kind enough to educate us and teach us trades, more than almost any servant can say. Mr. Jefferson has been very kind to my mother, bringing her on his trips and business. Hes come to rely on us for a very many things, and we do our best. My aunt Mary even got sold to a Mr. Bell, whom married her and freed her. My mother has always been very thankful that we were shown similar generosity by Mr. Jefferson.


My Mother went to france with Mr. Jefferson to accompany his daughter Patsy, and they became good friends. Shortly after she returned she gave birth to my oldest brother, and while i Don’t think that it’s something she likes to talk about i’m sure that Mr. Jefferson is our father.

Mr. Jefferson is a busy and learned man. He is an important man but he’s never changed his attitude towards us. My mother has told me he promised to free her and us children when the time was right, and i believe him at his word. It’s been many years we’ve worked for Mr. jefferson and the farm and estate never made us feel like we were unlucky, and it’s a beautiful place in the virginia fall. I would say that most that come through here are not the same as Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson, but my mother and me and my siblings have always been traveling with the family and so i think it’s helped to make us thankful. I can’t say that all of Mr. Jefferson’s family are as kind as he or Mrs. Jefferson, but i know that they only do it because they are afraid of the rumors about us children, but my mother has always kept her place. She has her own plot here in Monticello now, and i hope that when we are freed we might all be able to find a home and make families of our own.



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