Blog Post #9

The Hemmings household was, by nature, homogenous in ideals. Thomas Jefferson himself was the only politically versed person of the house. At the time no other member had the affluence or ability. That being said it's certainly most likely they shared his sentiments, Sally Hemmings was known to have been an open ear for Jefferson. … Continue reading Blog Post #9


Blog 12

Thomas Jefferson and the Hemings family are perhaps one of the most talked about families of the revolutionary era. It is a household that is remembered both for scandal and triumph. Thomas Jefferson’s name refused to fade from history since the drafting of his Declaration of Independence. The Smithsonian details the tumultuous election of 1800 … Continue reading Blog 12

Blog Post #6

For the Hemmings family, the American Revolution can mean different things. Betty Hemmings, along with her 13 children, were slaves from the moment they were born. They never had the chance to enjoy life and the freedom. Their lives consisted of working on Jefferson's plantation in Monticello. Their typical job would consist of chefs, butlers, carpenters, gardeners, musicians, … Continue reading Blog Post #6